The rice field art was introduced on ‘Friday’ published by Kodansha.

Coverage articles on rice field arts nationwide were published in the photo weekly magazine FRIDAY (August 23, 30 edition, 2019) published by Kodansha.

The contents were spread over 4 pages, with the first two pages covering the rice field art that Gyoda City of Saitama Prefecture teamed up with Taisho Pharmaceutical and the Japanese national rugby team for this year, and the last 2 pages covered the rice field in Oshu City, Saitama, designed as Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angles, and the rice field art in Gyoda City, Aomori prefecture, designed as "Oshin", considered to be the highest quality in the whole nation. In addition, basic information such as the types of rice used in the rice field arts, and interviews about the rice field art production process were also posted, making it a content that spreads recognition about rice field art throughout the nation.