2019 National Rice Field Art Summit in Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture!

The National Rice Field Art Summit in 2019 was held at Kikugawa Ael in Kikugawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, also known as the "birthplace of deep steamed tea". The summit, which attracted more than 250 listeners, started with a greeting from Mr. Ikeda, the executive committee hosting the rice field art fest in Kikugawa City.

First, Ms. Yuki Kudo, who turned from a Hollywood actress to a farmer in Shizuoka Prefecture, gave a speech on her challenge of becoming a farmer, how she dealt with her changing self through farming, and other experiences. The audience was fully captivated by the speech throughout, sometimes nodding and at other times showing excitement. After the keynote speech by Ms. Kudo, a panel discussion was held by the main members of the National Rice Field Art Liaison Council, and there was a thorough discussion on the future of rice field art.

The National Rice Field Art Summit is held every July, and is scheduled to be held in Saitama Prefecture in 2020.

▼ National Rice Field Art Summit 2018 @ Nagoya news article