Hold the rice planting event supported by Taisho Pharmaceutical in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture!

The council for the promotion of experience business of tanbo art and rice production (Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture) implemented the rice planting event of “Memorial business of 70th anniversary of Gyoda City Japan national rugby union team Tanbo Art Supported by Lipovitan D” by full cooperation of Taisho Pharmaceutical on June 15(Saturday) and June 16(Sunday).

The number of participants in both 2 days totaled 938. And the rice field art in Gyoda City, which celebrates the 12th anniversary, supported Japan national rugby union team in 2019 and drew powerful players of Kazuno Himeno, Michael Leitch, Fumiaki Tanaka who are major candidates for the Japanese national team in Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Tournament held in 2019.

In the rice planting event, the sponsor of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. performed sampling of Lipovitan D and said "Fight! One shot” and encouraged the participants in the rice planting.

Mrs Tomomi, wife of "Fumiaki Tanaka," who is depicted in the design, and Ema, eldest daughter, also participated in the rice planting on June 16(Sunday), as special guests. Mrs Tomomi said, "I'm looking forward to making the art. I will do my best. Ema said: "I want to come with my daddy," said Aizane. "And she enjoyed rice planting with his thoughts on the success of Japanese national team.

The rice field art in Gyoda City, where the rice field has been planted, will be available from the middle of July at the earliest and will be available until early November with a change of color.