It is now the best time to see Tambo art in Gyoda city, Saitama
This picture shows the Tambo art in Gyoda city, Saitama, in early August. This year, Kumagaya city, which is located next to Gyoda city, has broken the record of the highest temperature in Japan. Excessively hot weather has also persisted in the city for days. Consequentially, part of the rice grown were adversely affected by the strong heat, but despite of the difficult growing conditions, the Tambo art is still aesthetically grown for appreciation. We sincerely apologize for the unnecessary concern and inconvenience caused. In this piece of “canvas” that is as big as 3 soccer courts, a flying condor is like dancing in the sky, while Nazca Lines are realistically depicted in the art. Therefore, the grandiosity of the art has attracted many people to visit Gyoda city and have a glance of the art. During your travel in the summer vacation, if you are visiting places nearby Gyoda city, do stop by the city to see the Tambo art!