National Tambo Art Summit 2018 in Nagoya
We hold The National Tambo Art Summit in Nagoya-Chaya Aeon shopping mall on July 5th. we had a greeting from Mr. Nunome, a chairperson of the executive committee of Chaya-Nitta tambo art at the beginning of the meeting. The meeting was hold by people who are interested in tambo arts and were motivated by tambo arts developed in other regions. (e.g. Gyoda city which has a Guiness Record of tambo art, or Inakadate village which has a great skill of survey work) Also, we had a discussion to vitalize the existence of rice paddy fields which is in the center of Japanes food culture with Mai Ito (a Japanese entertainer). Actually, she has her own Tambo called “Maimai Tambo” in Nara. She happily talked about her memories of a rice-planting event in Nagoya. We are going to hold the next Tambo Art Summit in Kikugawa-city, Shizuoka prefecture next year. We will be making more efforts to develop Tambo Art events.