Theme of Tambo Art for 2018 in Gyoda has been chosen

The theme this year, its 11th year, is "Great Wings and Nazca Lines". "Tambo Art" that will draw pictures with various sorts of Paddy Rice and be bird-viewed from Ancient Lotus Building Observatiory, 50m above the ground, can be deemed as a sort of geoglyph (a huge picture drawn on the ground for birdview). "Humming bird" and "Condor", the two most renowned among Nazca Lines, have been adopted. Moreover, "Condor" that dynamically extends its wings as "the world's biggest flying bird" as well as "Ancient Lotus", the symbol of Gyoda, have been added as part of its design. The collaboration of "Rice Paddy Art in Gyoda" & "Nazca Lines" will be drawn on a magnificent scale with aspiration to further leap of Gyoda. Rice planting by about 1,000 people including visitors and volunteers is planned on 16th June and 17th June.

▼You can see their past work here