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Kagamiishi Town, Fukushima Prefecture

The Executive Committee of Kagamiishi Tanbo Art

The Rice Paddy Art like Picture Books Seen from the Window Collaborated with the Famous Animator

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Every year in the rice field art in Kagamiishimachi, a theme is selected with the concept of “picture books seen from the window ~another library~”, just as you can see at the observation room of a library. It inherits a series of nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and songs, and this year, “Sleeping Beauty” will be drawn. The design continues with last year’s “The Hare and the Tortoise”, and Tomonori Kogawa, who has a track record of numerous animation pictures, will be in charge of the design.

This year, six colors and nine varieties of seedlings are used, which are the most that they ever had. Efforts are being put into the production of rice field art to create a cubic effect and art that is more vivid than ever before. For example, the gradation of the seedlings is being enriched and new colors are being created by mixing the seedlings of different colors. The survey on seeding, raising seedlings, drawing drafts, and rice planting is conducted with the full cooperation of the Biological production crop class and the Environmental Engineering Survey class of Iwase Agriculture High School. In the past few years, we have been doing a variety of trials and errors to improve the technology of rice planting, aiming for the evolution of rice field art.

The “rice field café” is held about once a week during the best period to watch rice field art in summer and offers hospitality to visitors.

“Twinkle Art” will be held in this winter too. An event that lets participants plant a “Plastic Bottle” illuminated by an LED light with a solar power generation panel in rice fields after mowing is being planned. In addition, it will contain a “dream message card” written by students from elementary and middle schools, and agricultural high schools in the city. So, they will be seedlings with hope. About 7,000 were installed last year, and about 30,000 rice field artworks were unveiled to the public from early November to early January as an illumination. In order for more people to enjoy the rice field art, we also cooperate with the prefectural tour project and the city’s events and festivals. We are looking forward to your visit.

Rice paddy art in Kagamiichi Town is designed with the concept of “Picture Books Seen from the Window – Another Library,” as they can be viewed from the fourth story windows of the Kagmiishi Town Library, featuring children’s songs and children’s stories (painted like a picture book series) such as “Kaguya Hime” in 2016, “Issun Boshi (an old Japanese story similar to Tom Thumb” in 2017.
This year, they plan to create a piece based on “The Hare and the Tortoise.” It will be designed in collaboration with Tomonori Konaga, an animator who worked on many animation projects including “Space Battleship Yamato,” as well as series director Reiji Matsumoto, so it is sure to be a more dynamic and exciting work of art.
Kagamiishi Town aim to promote this project as a “Symbol of Revival and Regional Reconstruction” by promoting this rice paddy art project as well as rice harvested in this town. Since 2016, they have held the new event “Kira Kira” twinkling art illuminating the Tanbo Art picture patterns with LED light bulbs.
They attached “message cards” from the children at elementary schools and agricultural high schools in the town to the lighting devices made from plastic bottles which they have named “pet fireflies (from the pet in pet bottle).” They are made with the idea “seedlings of hope.”
They are hoping that the light of the pet fireflies using solar, not electricity generated by fossil fuels, will bring us a bright future in terms of the global environment.

The Executive Committee of Kagamiishi Tanbo Art


440-6 Asahicho, Kagamiishi town, Iwase gun, Fukushima Prefecture
At the observation room on the fourth floor of Kagamiishi Town Library