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Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture

The Executive Committee of Chaya-Shinden Tanbo Art

Experiencing growing rice to be felt in an urban area, a feast of stars in the pier of Nagoya Port Garden

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The Nagoya Omotenashi Bushotai decorates rice field art in the ninth year. As a tourism PR team of Nagoya which has a glorious history, they made their debut in 2009 with the mission and vision of Nagoya Omotenashi Bushotai to “link the ties among people, culture and history”.

As this year is a monumental milestone, the stage will be brilliantly colored with the joy and appreciation of “Thank you Nagoya. Thanks to all of you, it is the 10th anniversary”, and the presence of the Six Sengoku busho (Japanese military commanders in the Sengoku period) which include Toshiie Maeda, Kiyomasa Kato, Keiji Maeda, and the three heroes Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. A real Bushotai is also scheduled to participate in the event. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them up close.

The venue is in Minatoku, Nagoya and it has easy access from the city center. Tourists can experience Japanese rice cultivation closely while enjoying the view of an idyllic countryside. The art is the most beautiful after rice planting and during the viewing party in July as the rice plant is pale, the ears of rice grow, white flowers bloom in August, and the whole rice plant gradually changes in autumn. You can also enjoy the Cosmos picking experience at the time of harvest in October. At the venue, an observation platform will be set for watching rice field art as you please for a period of half a year, from rice planting to rice harvesting. Please enjoy the rice field art that changes with the transition of the four seasons. Bring your family along and check out this place as many times as you can.

Rice Paddy Art that shows up in a place with good access to the urban center of Minato-ward, Nagoya-city. Last year, the 7th year of exhibition since the opening, we collaborated with a movie company for the first time to show the motif of design in “Power Rangers”, a Hollywood movie that has triumphantly returned from America to be casted by Toei, rejoicing in a great popularity among both current kids and ex-kids.
This year’s theme is “The Landscape of Nagoya Port”, one of main international ports in Japan. For the joy of growing rice to be widely known to kids to grownups, we will draw orcas and penguins, stars in Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, “Port Building”, the symbol of the port equipped with an observatory with grand panorama with the image of white sailboats, and “Fuji”, an ocean-station vessel for Antarctica now permanently docked as a museum after having finished its long journey.
This year we will hold it for the 8th time. For the first three years we failed to express well tapping the natural law of perspective; but since the 4th year, we have added new staff for our work and gradually advanced to the level where we can impress you with our design; this time we are planning to provide fine designs even for those who have never visited Nagoya Port to be able to easily grasp its images. In addition, in the venue will be an observation station for you to freely appreciate exhibits.
Please come over to experience Japanese cultures and arts with all of your family members.

Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden
When it was opened in 1937, it got into the news as the “greatest zoo in the East” and in 1984, it rose to sudden fame because a koala first came to Japan. Recently, they have introduced a popular gorilla which is talked about as a “handsome one”. Among more than 500 species of animals, some of them are able to be seen only here. It is proud of having the biggest number of breeds in Japan and the number of zoo visitors came in 2nd after the Tokyo-Ueno Zoo. There is the botanical garden with about 7000 varieties of plants and there is the amusement park as well. It is the prominent sightseeing spot with plenty of highlights in Nagoya.
Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
In the South building at the Nagoya Harbour Garden Pier, the creatures which have been living in the 5 areas of the sea along the sailing course of the “Antarctic observation vessel, Fuji” from Japan to the Antarctic have been introduced with the natural environment as the theme, the “Trip to Antarctic”. Starting with the Japanese pilchard’s tornado in the large water tank to express the “Japanese sea”, it goes on to the “deep sea gallery”, the “sea of the equator”, the “Shores in Australia” and the “Antarctic sea”. In the North building, on the theme of the “3.5 billion-year-endless journey”, tracing the process of the evolution of life, the ocean habitat, the whale’s world has been introduced in various methods. Also, the Bottlenose Dolphins and Belugas (White Whales) have been bred and exhibited. In the biggest Japanese main pool with the stand which accommodates about 3000 spectators, the exciting Dolphin Performances have been carried out.

The Executive Committee of Chaya-Shinden Tanbo Art


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