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Imajuku, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture

Imajuku Tanbo Art Executive Committee

Check out the Local Harvesting Festival with the Rice Paddy Art Decorated by Red Spider Lilies and Full of Fun Events

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“Imajuku Rice Paddy Art Festa” aimed at revitalising the local area, has become one of the main festivals in Imajuku town nowadays.
In summer, the committee will hold the rice planting event for the locals in collaboration with members of the JA Fukuoka Imajuku branch and local youth groups.
When the autumn comes, it is the best season for rice paddy art. The Yatai-mura (food stalls) are set up to sell local products such as vegetables and fruits produced in this area as well as foods and drinks. There are many events such as performances of the lion dance (Shishimai,) showing Japanese drum perfomances (Wa-daiko) by kids and interactive events like screaming competitons and games that have become a local tradition of Imakuju in autumn.
The Imajuku’s rice paddy art depicted JA Fukuoka’s mascot “Yonemaru-kun” catching a cod-fish to celebrate their 10th anniversary last year (in 2017.) They also organized an event over red and white Mochi which went down well with audiences
Around the middle of September, Red spider lilies (Higan-bana) are in full bloom surrounding the rice paddy arts, adding a special charm to it. The gorgeous landscape with this gradation can be seen from the top of the scafford (Yagura) installed as a special observation deck at the site, and visitors can also enjoy strolling along the footpaths between rice paddies to admire the changing colors in autumn.
“Imajuku Rice Paddy Art Festa” continues evolving to show us the elaborate art with rice fields expanding year by year. For the 11th year this year, they plan to choose the design from entries from elementary schools in Imajuku.

Imajuku Tanbo Art Executive Committee


Imajuku Uenohara, Nishi Ward, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
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