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Hirao-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Matsumoto Farm

A city that is one with nature. Rice field art in Hirao-cho grows in a calm climate!

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The is the eighth year since Hirao-cho in Yamaguchi Prefecture started doing rice field art as part of the town development. Until today, pictures in the rice field art have been based on subjects taken from Hirao-cho, wind power generation wind turbines commemorating the completion of the windmill’s character “Kururu” (produced in 2016) and “Shirai Shosuke” (Produced in 2018) who participated as a soldier during the Meiji Restoration and afterwards opened a private school named “Iiyama Juku” and other motifs. At the time of rice planting and harvesting, with the cooperation of the children of the Central Child Pavilion adjoining the rice field art, we planted rice plants and harvested them, and devised a method of harvesting at a high point on the plant allowed the pictures to remain. Hirao-cho conducts environmental conservation type agriculture, and seven wind turbines were built on Mt. Otoshi, the highest mountain of Hirao-cho, and many solar power generation facilities were installed. One windmill can supply about 1200 households with electricity per year, and we can build a nature-friendly living system that can reduce 100 million tons of carbon dioxide annually. In addition, the special product center introduced a three-star system and sells agricultural products that have reduced or no pesticides used. The Seto Inland Sea climate makes it warm and easy to live, and the seafood in this area is also delicious.

Matsumoto Farm

Next to Hirao-cho Elementary Elementary School and Central Children's Hall