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Tsunoda, Miyagi Prefecture

Nishino Rice field art appreciation group

Rice field art that can be seen from space! 400 year history of Tsunoda City

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In our 12th year, “Hope for the future” is the theme of this year. The large main pattern drawn in the center is the figure of Yuzuru Hanyu who is a figure skating player and the big star of Miyagi. The JAXA Kakuda Space Center, Japan’s largest full-scale rocket placed in Daiyama Park, a sitting statue of Amitabha placed in “Kozoji / Amidado”, a national important cultural property which is placed in the oldest wooden building built in 1200’s, and pictures drawn by local kindergarten children, and motifs of brilliant local representatives will exhibited together.

The reason why Hanyu was included in the design is that rice field art will be spread to fans all over the country through SNS reviews. About 200 people, including fans of Hanyu who rushed from outside the prefecture and abroad as well as local farmers and residents, attended the rice planting event took place at the beginning of June. An autumn rice mowing event will also be held.
This event has already had a lot of visitors, but the best time to see rice field art is from the end of June to the end of August. Please take a look at the good view pleasantly from the viewing platform with nearly 15 meters set in a small place like a tree house. Also, there is the Tanbo Art Fureai Direct Sales Office which sells vegetables and handmade goods from nearby farmers, and Relaxing Café which sells shaved ice and drinks, both of which will be open irregularly in the venue.

Sancyoku Square Aguritto is launched and cooperated by local producers. In addition to selling fresh vegetables, specialty products and processed goods, it holds training sessions, exchange business, and experiential plantations. There is also Rice Café Aguritto that serves a familiar lunch and so on made with local ingredients, so please come and see us.

This year commemorates the 400th anniversary of the second daughter of Date Masamune Muu Hime (Muu Hime) of the Ishikawa family who was the lord of Tsunoda-shi, and it has been extensively promoted in Kakuda City. In response to that, it was decided to tell the story with rice field art and Mayuhime was adopted as the theme of this year. This year began as a project with local people and regional organizations. Also, because the event has become bigger as a result of getting cooperation from various organizations, management was more difficult than usual, but thankfully the workmanship was wonderful. Three rice paddies (about 5 to 6 km squared) were used, with color and other design techniques used to express the cute and dynamic Prencess Muu. A new observatory was built allowing the art to be viewed from about 14 meters above the rice paddies (about 8 m from the previous year) allowing you to enjoy more of the beautiful scenery. Tsunoda City has a space-related facility such as JAXA Tsunoda Space Center, etc. and is a city deeply related to the universe. There is a model of a full-size rocket and an observatory in the city park, a “Space child festival” held in Golden Week and the “Hayabusa Festival” which took the name from Hayabusa an asteroid exploring satellite in September is a specialty.

Also, in the Nishine district where the rice field art is, there is the Takashiji Amidado and the Amitabha Nyorai, seat of one of the country’s designated important cultural properties, the oldest wooden building in Miyagi prefecture. Please visit Rice field art and enjoy the atmosphere of Tsunoda City.

* Rice paddy rice harvesting (We plan to cut the rice by hand from around October with anyone being able to participation.)
Straw art (under consideration)

Nishino Rice field art appreciation group

Uenomatsu at Matsuki Kakuta City Takakura"along National Highway No. 113" in Miyagi Prefecture