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Agri-Hiraizumi Juridical Agricultural Union

History shines at 1.2ha Tambo! Fujiwara three generations show up in Hiraizumi!

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It has been 10 years since Hiraizumi started Tambo art. The reasons that the local area started it are that they can let local children experience agriculture and grow their interests through it, and also they can make a fusion of agriculture and tourism which are key industries of Hiraizumi as a new resource of the area.

The theme is Fujiwara three generations this year. The local people chose the theme so that they can give people a deep understanding of the area they live through the theme.

The main organizer of the art was an agricultural legal person, so the preparation for tambo art and agriculturally busy season were overlapped. However, they could complete creating Tambo art thanks to the help of local people. About 100 middle school students who visited Hiraizumi for green tourism in Midorigaoka city, Kanagawa joined rice planting.

Many tourists go for sightseeing tour to Chusonji Temple and Motsuji Temple which are nominated as world heritage sites when they visit Hiraizumi. Fujiwara festival are held every spring and autumn, and Azuma-kudari Gyoretsu (a group of people traveling to the east from Kyoto to reproduce a historical fact) is demonstrated in Golden Week Holiday. When you have an opportunity to visit Hiraizumi for sightseeing, please come to see the Tambo art as well.

Agri-Hiraizumi Juridical Agricultural Union

Yazaki54, Nagashima, Hiraizumi-cho Nishiiwai-gun, Iwate
Near the Takadachi Bridge(The Tambo art is placed at the east of the bridge)