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Imabari, Ehime

Junior Chamber International Imabari

Tambo art showcase organized by Junior Chamber International Imabari (JC Imabari) is ongoing!

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This year, Junior Chamber International Imabari, Imabari, Ehime, is running a Tambo art showcase for the first time in the city. With the generous help and guidance from Gyoda city in Saitama prefecture, and Anjō city in Ehime prefecture, a large-scale Tambo art has been successfully created. The art is titled “Tambo Art in Imabarimura – Gather the villagers! Build the community with unity” and has a mascot named “Barii San” representing Imabari. Together with the art, there were also spectacular fireworks for the celebration of the summer festival. After that, participants of the festival drew the word of “tie” to convey the meaning of “unity” in the title of the Tambo art.
The rice transplant was done on June17 with the efforts of 300 people in approximately 25acres of paddy fields. The rice has been healthily grown and entered its best viewing period in mid-July. An event for Tambo art appreciation was then organized on August12 (it was originally scheduled in late July but was postponed due to typhoon). Municipal government officials and regional co-op representatives from Japan Agricultural Cooperatives delivered congratulations speeches in the event. 200 people and “Barii San” gathered together for taking photos to celebrate the creation of a new culture in Imabari. Besides, children participants also took part in scarecrow making together with their creativity and imaginations. The scarecrows were then put in the paddy fields for the protection of crops until the harvest. In the coming days, there would be “inegari” (rice harvest) in October and Thanksgiving in November.
Starting from next year, Tambo art will continue to be showcased in Imabari in the hope of uniting individuals of the community within the region.

Junior Chamber International Imabari

The rice paddy in “Saisaikiteya”, a farmers’ market located on Nakatera Route196 (of the national highway) in Imabari, Ehime.