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Toukamachi, Niigata Prefecture

Tambo Co., Ltd (OhistuZen Tambo)

Let's watch Tambo art with Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale! A special Tambo art is used Taneda

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The Tambo art in Matsunoyama, Toukamachi city, Niigata, is also known as “tanada art” (the art on rice terraces), which makes use of the special features of landscapes for the creation of the art. The theme is set to be “onigiri” (Japanese rice ball) every year, so to mark the 4th year anniversary of the Tambo art, four “onigiris” are depicted in the art this year.
The major reasons for the creation of Tambo art in this area are twofold.
First, it is aimed to boost the children’s confidence and their sense of pride toward their own village.
Second, by promoting these tourism resources, Tambo art creators hoped that people around the world could know more about their hometown.
Tambo art is the fruit of the collaborate effort from different parties. It is firstly designed with the basis on ideas from the children from Matsunoyama-Gakuen. After that, villagers, students from Matsunoyama-Gakuen, local volunteer groups and customer volunteers of OhitsuZen Tambo company will begin rice planting, starting with the seeding process. Also, the tourism division of the town office and people from the construction industry will also help with setting up signboards and flags.
“Matsunoyama-Onsen” is a hot spring situated at about 20-minute distance from the terrace art venue. It is one of the top 3 “kusuriyu” (bath with medical value) in Japan with the water temperature of 95℃ from its spring. Opt for the hot spring for the recovery from tiredness during your trip! Besides, there would be festivals like *“Mukonage and *Suminuri”, a special festival that is held every *little New Year, and “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale”, a festival that is held every 3 years and would be held in summer 2018, in the area. We hope that you would enjoy the Tambo art and could indulge yourselves in the festive atmosphere in Matsunoyama.
We would like every one of you to enjoy the Tambo art created by so many people! It is the good time to enjoy summer and the best time to enjoy Tambo art! Drive safely on your way there. We look forward to having you to join us.

*Mukonage: a ritual that newlywed grooms who got married in the previous year are tossed in hopes of strengthening their bonding with their wives and praying for their happy marriage. *Suminuri: a ritual that husbands and wives paint on faces of each other with black ashes to pray for good health and prosperity for their family business
*Little New Year (a festival on January 15th) is celebrated during the 14th-16th day of the first month of each year.

Tambo Co., Ltd (OhistuZen Tambo)


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