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Koshigaya, Saitama Prefecture

Institution of Koshigaya Tourism Bureau

Shine it! Star from Koshigaya city. Attractive Tambo Art with breathtaking scenery at 80 meters above the ground.

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Koshigaya Tambo Art has started since 2010 for vitalizing the city and spreading the charm of the city.This year’s theme for Tambo Art is “Abi-zeki and Irodori who are both Sumo Wrestlers from Koshigaya”. The Tambo Art will be drawn with a wish to cheer the expected Sumo Wrestlers up and the purpose to make them well-known. The People in Koshigaya decide the theme depending on popular words or persons related to the city every year. The theme chosen last year was “Galaxy Express 999”.The reasons that the theme was selected were 1) Tobu Railway which runs in the city hoped to revive steam locomotive “Taiju” and 2) ATSUSHI (musician/a member of EXILE) who covered the main song of Galaxy Express 999 is from Koshigaya. You can enjoy the Tambo Art from a observation tower (80m height) facing the factory of Higashi-Saitama Resources and Environment Association across Niigata River. In addition, you can also see the beautiful scenery of Koshigaya, Mt. Tsukuba and Tokyo skytree etc. Usually, the observation tower is available on weekdays, but the special days to pen the tower are scheduled from the middle of July to the early of September.

Institution of Koshigaya Tourism Bureau


In the vicinity of Masumori 65-2, Koshigaya, Saitama