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Kitaakita, Akita Prefecture

Akita Prefecture Kitaakita Regional Development Bureau

Take a Small Local Train Journey with the Rice Paddy Art in All Seasons

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This rice paddy art can be seen from the train window on the Akita Inland Traverse Railway. This is a very rare sight because it is specifically designed to look beautiful from the train windows in order to promote and vitalize this railway.
Last year their rice paddy art theme was “The Akita Dog and The Four Seasons,” featuring this dog native to Akita which has been designated as one of Japan’s protected species. The artwork featured a story of an Akita dog as it grew through the four seasons.
This year they feature “The Akita dog and the Highlights along the Akita Island Railways” with the hope that everyone can become inspired to get a better understanding of the beauty along the line. They depict “Paper Balloon Festival” held every February since the Edo Period that a giant paper balloon flies through the sky in winter creating a magical sight. It also features the beautiful “Mount Moriyoshi” known as one of the top three areas of Frost-covered trees in Japan with snow capped mountain in winter, as well as “The Top 100 Mountains of Flowers” with many lovely alpine plants in full bloom.
From Kakunodate Station at Senboku, known as “Little Kyoto of Michinoku” with the beautiful line of cherry trees and the historical samurai residence, the Akita Inland Traverse Railway connects to JR Ou Line leading to Aomori from Fukushima via Yamagata and Akita and then the railway takes you to Takasu Station at Kitaakita. This summer, why don’t you take a relaxing local train journey and discover the rice paddy art in the heart of beautiful nature?

Akita Prefecture Kitaakita Regional Development Bureau


1. Aniobushi, Kitaakita, Akita Prefecture
(Aniai Station – Obuchi Station on the Akita inland traverse railway)
2. Komata Hiranomaki, Kitaakita, Akita Prefecture
(Maeda-minami Station – Ani-maeda Station on the Akita inland traverse railway)