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Kazuno, Akita Prefecture

Kazuno Minicipal Suehiro Elementary School

Expressing “Thank you” Through Rice Paddy Arts for A School which will be Closed This Year

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The school fields, farms, and the grounds of Kazuno Municipal Suehiro Elementary School were damaged due to concentrated torrential rains in August 2013, and in the following year they conducted a large-scale reconstruction. After that, they were so excited to finally restart rice harvesting in spring 2015, that was why they started the rice paddy art project for the first time with all 20 students in the school and local volunteers to celebrate the fact along with the school’s 140th anniversary.
During the project, their work depicts the piece “Smile and Hand-bell” in 2016 and “The Smiling Flowers” in 2017. This year will be the fourth year. However, this school will be closed at the end of this fiscal year, this year’s work will present the rice paddy art theme of “Thank you Suehiro Elementary School” to express their gratitude to the school.
In April all kids in this school came up with one idea each to be entered, then the best design was voted for by kids and their parents. The design is full of everyone’s thoughts and feelings, and shows the hope that everyone can appreciate kids’ efforts to challenge pesticide-free cultivation by releasing Medaka (Japanese rice fish) and picking weeds regularly.

Kazuno Minicipal Suehiro Elementary School


4-1 Fudodaira, Suehiro Aza Towada, Kazuno, Akita Prefecture
Kazuno Minicipal Suehiro Elementary School (Fields at Ground Waki School)