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Anjo, Aichi Prefecture

The Executive Committee of Fureai Rice Paddy Art

Celebrate “The 30th Anniversary of Shinkansen Mikawa Anjo Station” Through Rice Paddy Art from the Advanced Agricultural City to All Japan!

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This year, which is our 13th anniversary, fire trucks and citizens will be plotted for the theme of “Safe City Safe Food”. The opening signal of the rice planting event which was held in the perfect weather in mid-May was played by the Anjoshi fire brigade trumpet band. About 700 people participated in the rice planting. At the venue, there will be performances such as mixed rice cooked by local residents and sales booths of local agricultural products and processed goods by Anjo Agricultural and Forestry High School, Hitotubukai, and Anjo Kizuna Project.

“Producers and consumers interact through activities they can enjoy together, and build visible and mutual understanding relationship of trust between food and agriculture”.

“As local production for local consumption is required now, we provide safe, reliable and fresh local agricultural products to a wide range of consumers”.

“It is useful because the nutrition education will make the general public, including children know the importance of agriculture through farming experience”.

“It will develop agriculture to a pleasant activity which has dreams and hopes for the future through exciting activities”.

The intentions of the executive committee mentioned above are realized by the cooperation of many people.

The best time to watch rice field art is from Jul. 20, from 4 p.m. to sunset (reception is until 6.30p.m.) This year, a viewing party at aerial work platform is scheduled as well. Thanks to the cooperation of the Anjoshi Fire Department, this year there will also be viewing from an aerial ladder truck for junior and senior high school students from 4 p.m. to 5p.m. The reception will begin at 3:30 p.m. and drawings will start at 4p.m if there are many students who want to participate the viewing. Admission is free along with the flower and green park Den Park, so please come and enjoy them together. A rice harvesting event is scheduled for mid-September, so please be sure to join us.

Anjo holds a design competition every year to decide the design of the rice paddy art. This is open to the public and the theme is either a local event or a great figure related with the year or the area.
In 2017, their theme was “Flower and Greenery Park Dempark” next to the venue which celebrated their 20th anniversary. This year their theme is “the 30th Anniversary of the opening of Shinkansen Mikawa Anjo Station.”
The peak season to see the rice paddy art would be from June to July and they hold the observation events where you can see the art from aerial work platforms every July. Though this is the best time, visitors can also enjoy seeing how they grow from the rice plantation to the rice harvesting season.
From the Taisho Period to the early Showa Period, they gained a high reputation for their advanced work with agricultural systems and agricultural educational facilities. This led to many people from all over Japan visiting and describing the area like Denmark, as Denmark’s way of advanced agricultural method was booming around that time in Japan. Since then, Anjo was praised among the agricultural scene and became known as “Japan’s Denmark.” Although Danish agriculture is different as they focus on the dairy industry, Anjo still continues to improve themselves as “Japan’s Denmark” where they continue to advance their agriculture and support young farmers.
They keep promoting food education and agricultural development through their rice paddy art events, such as their “Rice Paddy Art Wedding” which was held for the 60th anniversary of the Anjo Municipal Administration in 2012 and the “National Summit for Rice Paddy Art” which was held in 2013.

Anjo Industrial Cultural Park, Den-park (Den-park with flowers and trees)
It is a theme park which reproduces the streets of Denmark with the concept, “close contact with nature” and the “life with flowers”. In the park with spreading grass, you can enjoy seasonal flowers and trees in the European-styled gardens and the large green house.
The wooden equipment and the roller-slide in the open space with the Danish windmill is a very popular playing equipment area for children. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy the hand-made sausage experience, seasonal events, the local beer, sausages, gelato and the local cuisine, such as Mikawa-beef.

The Executive Committee of Fureai Rice Paddy Art


Nanatsuda, Izumi-cho, Anjo, Aichi Prefecture
400 meters to the west from the front gate of Denpark (on the south side of Kitahori Bridge)