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Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture

Tanbo Art Kashizu Executive Office

Support Fukui’s Rich Harvesting and Players of the Sports Competition!

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Echizen Town facing the Sea of ​​Japan is a place known for the Echizen coast with its rough rock cliffs due to rough waves hit by warm and cold currents and the Echizen crab said to be the king of winter delicacies. The rice paddy art has been chosen from designs submitted by the public with the theme of the Chinese zodiac of that year. As it was the tenth anniversary last year, the year of the rooster in 2017, they decided on the theme of “Phoenix and Echizen Narcissus” to celebrate. A phoenix spreading his wing in a golden color representing “Kissho (lucky omen)” with the contrast of white Echizen Narcissus standing beautifully despite the raging waves of the Sea of Japan in the cold winter.
The theme for 2018 is “fertility.” The rice paddy art shows a gallant dog, as it is the year of the dog this year, carrying a heavy straw rice bag with the mascot “Hapiryu,” “Fukui Happy and Cheerful National Athletic Meet” held this autumn. The art gives it a charm with the brilliant red clothing that Hapiryu wears and the red and white sash the dog wears. The vibrant red expresses their strong passion.
This event began with their wish to encourage children to deepen their interest in rice cultivation and get attached to their hometown through rice planting, rice reaping, and observing the creatures living in the rice fields. They hope that this event which allows everyone to join will bring huge success in Fukui’s sport competition as well as a rich harvest!

Tanbo Art Kashizu Executive Office


85 Kashizu, Echizen town, Nyu gun, Fukui Prefecture
On the south side on Echizen Minicipal Miyazaki junior high school