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Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture

Silk Spa Yamabiko Co., Ltd.

Soak in the Silky Onsen and Witness Japanese Storks Wishing for ‘Bringing Us Happiness’.

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Toyooka, facing the Sea of ​​Japan in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture, is known as the last habitat of Japanese storks which are designated as a special natural treasure of the country. Considering this situation, they strive to make Toyooka a sustainable and livable place for them in order to protect their breeding, and coexistence. To do this, the local farmers started pesticide free and reduced pesticide cultivation throughout the region.
The hotel facility ‘Silk Spa Yamabiko’ it has been holding rice paddy art events for eight years to make all guests and visitors be moved by the unique but rural landscapes making use of rice paddies. Every year, they design art of the storks spreading their wings as a symbol of the city with the idea of “bringing happiness,” with the rich landscape of rice paddies as “symbols of happiness” together with their hope that this brings those who come to see it happiness.
Silk Spa Onsen Resort offers rich hot springs, full of minerals with high moisturizing effects and flowing fountain quality. This hot spring is known as the beauty bath which makes your skin glossy like silk, so visitors can enjoy bathing here on a day trip as well as staying in their hotel. The hotel has two quaint baths named “Yama no yu” and “Hana no yu” (one spring is accessible by men while the other is accessible by women, this rotates daily). With the big open-air bath made of natural rocks, so you can enjoy observing the natural landscape while bathing on any occasion. From the middle of June until the middle of July is the best time to view the rice paddy art. Also, if you are lucky enough, you can witness fireflies in the heart of the rice fields in June.

Silk Spa Yamabiko Co., Ltd.


165 Shoho-ji, Tanto town, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture
Across from Silk Spa Yamabiko