About the TEAM TAMBO

The rice field is our canvas.

As soon as our ancestors first noticed rice plants, our culture was born.
Classical Japanese dance for abundant collections and literature originated from the ground were also born.
After the rice is fermented, Sake is produced. As a result, the rice enriches seasonal crops and tables.
Today, the rice field also produces even art.
Welcome to the Japanese Tambo Art Liaison Council homepage.
Here, you can see the works of the Tambo (Rice Field) art. This site is also a community, where people want to work for the Tambo art in the future.
The rice field can be seen as a canvas.
There are attractive motifs there.
The work is ethnically interesting, due to its compeletion by hand, one by one.
If possible, you visit there and see the work by yourself.
Whike you feel nature and smell the brilliance of summer rice fields in winds, you can enjoy your life here.

Lists of activities in the TEAM TAMBO.

The TEAM TAMBO was born to share culture of food, festivals, and art, originated from rice fields, with the youngsters, who work for the future.
We started activities with our respect and love for rice fields and overcome barriers, such as themes and organizations.